A Holistic Vaccine Against the Spread of Addictions

Welcome to Ehab, the on-line opportunity for individuals, families and groups, to reap the benefits of private sector addiction treatment, at home, in the car, on the train, in the office.

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The convenience levels of E-hab as a Home Help Addiction Intervention are beyond measure or comparison. Family relationships within homes are being destroyed due to lack of awareness and understanding, feeding the problem it is actually worrying about.

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Our effectiveness has been proving itself and changing lives since 2003, whilst also maturing, month by month, into what you now see before you. The X-Factor? – X-chemically dependent men and women, in synergy with Medical, Psychiatric and Clinical Specialists, are now digitally-available to guide clients towards individuality and freedom.


Our monthly subscription fee, for access into this wealth of insight, resources and guidance, followed by the opportunity for you to develop an on-going one-to-one relationship with the Personal Recovery Advisor of your choice, is simply without parallel. Personal Recovery Advisors sign and adhere to Ehab's Code of Ethics, Fee Structures and Accountability Requirements.

Personally Professional Online

Personally Professional. Our trademarked ‘addiction treatment approach’, developed over 17-years and taken from our 28-day private sector clinic, has finally been grafted onto and extended into our trademarked ‘personal recovery development programme’. This is an alternative to residential addiction treatment, from the co-founders and owners of an internationally sought-after residential clinic, with a team of hand-picked recovering men and women from around the world, bringing decades of tried and tested recovery and qualifications. This is a game changer

Welcome to Ehab