Kayla Gous

My name is Kayla, and for as long as I can remember I've wanted to
work with people and their functioning/well-being. During my
education, I immersed myself in community service, working in various
disadvantaged communities and in an institute for individuals with
mental disabilities. I graduated from University with an Honours
degree in Psychology and an interest in pursuing Clinical Psychology.
In 2017,  I started working as a counsellor at Bethesda Addictions
Treatment Centre and became instantly fascinated with the experience
of living with and healing from addiction. Since then, I have worked
with individuals battling a vast array of addictions; ranging from
drugs and alcohol to love and disordered eating. I also have
experience in working with deep-rooted trauma, childhood abuse,
anxiety and depression. I have an immense affinity towards people and
a tremendous passion for the work that I do with them.